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Café Caburé opens at 12 midday, Wed through Mon. Closed Tuesday.

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          Café Caburé is an Argentine restaurant, chocolate, and coffee shop, located at the Paseo de Stella Tourist Center in “Old Monteverde”. The original town of Monteverde was established by a group of Quaker families who arrived from the United States more than 50 years ago.

          Enjoy outdoor dining from the balcony of Café Caburé where our guests have a wonderful view of both the tropical cloud forest and Pacific mountain slope. From here visitors can sample our hand made truffles and assorted chocolates, as well as dine in our fine food restaurant, where we serve a ample variety of Argentine and other International dishes. All of our food is made with the freshest ingredients, some of which are organically grown and come from neighboring farms.

Serene dining Argentine Canelloni Groups are welcome

Our cuisine is eclectic, ranging from Chinese Szechuan oriental soup to Mexican Molé, and including Argentine “empanadas” and “Canelones”, which reflect the culinary passion and travels of Argentine owner, Susana Salas.

Chocolate Display A Tray of Chocolates A White Jewel

In Argentina the name, “Caburé”, means pigmy owl. Legend has it that its feathers have magical powers, just like our food. Our chocolates are all hand made from Costa Rican cocoa beans. Flavors range from chocolate covered turtles, with locally made peanut butter inside, to our extra dark truffles that have more than 70% chocolate.

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We are open from 12 to 7pm, Wed - Mon.

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Café Caburé
Monteverde, Costa Rica

tel: (506) 2645-5020

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